Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – A Must Read [TRENDING]

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review and what you need to know when considering if it’s right for your personal circumstance.

So for you to land on this page you must be experiencing some form of discomfort that is related to having tight hip flexors.

Having tight hip flexors is not something that is first blamed when experiencing associated symptoms such as, shooting pain, inability to kick, inability to jump, upper leg pain and more.

For me personally, I had issue’s with shedding the last 5kg in my weight loss journey and experienced secondary groin pain.

I automatically put the groin pain down to going a little too hard at the gym.

But, it continued to persist for weeks on end and was stopping my ability to exercise and do my everyday routine. So it was becoming very frustrating and not to mention quite painful.

So that’s when I decided enough was enough and got straight to doing my homework on finding a solution.

After searching many different forums of people experiencing the same and similar symptoms I noticed the ‘Hip Flexor Program’ was thoroughly mentioned by several active members.

So, I continued my Journey to find more information on the program and read many unlock your hip flexors review articles.

Granted they did give some helpful info, but mainly regurgitated from the blurb.

This is where I felt compelled to write my own review after purchasing the product and aim to share with you the findings from my research. Plus I’ll share some handy information along the way.

So, What the heck is a Hip Flexor?

Hip Flexors are Muscles that are located at the top of your femur continuing to the lower back region, hips and groin.

After looking at the muscle’s location in relation to the body its pretty obvious that it’s rather important. It is connected to so multiple main area’s of the body crucial to proper function.

I mean it’s practically smack bang in the middle of the most crucial joints in the body. See Below

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Most of the articles I found mentioned that a healthy hip flexor can Improve and Reduce;

  • Joint & Back Pain
  • Overall Energy Levels
  • Works in synergy to Fight Disease
  • Assist’s with Weight Loss
  • Improved Mobility
  • Increased Fitness
  • Improved Sexual Performance

So, if a healthy hip flexor can improve the above maybe it’s time I start to implement a plan to keep them in good condition.

Identify Strained Hip Flexor Symptoms

Before we proceed any further, do you suffer from the below symptoms? If not, then maybe a strained hip flexor is not the cause of your pain.

Sore or Strained Hip Flexor Symptoms Include:

  • Dull or Sharp Pain/Discomfort in the Pelvis Region.
  • Inability to Kick, Sprint or Jump like normal.
  • Cramps in upper Legs
  • Tenderness in Upper Leg Area
  • Hip Flexor Back Pain
  • Un Explained spasms in the hip or thighs.
  • Bruising around the General Hip area and swelling.
  • Stiffness from being still for too long.
  • Reduced Ability To Move, Sore When moving and limping
  • Reduced Energy Levels and Tight Joints

I was experiencing a couple of the above symptoms, but depending on the severity of the strain you may be able to relate to the majority of the above.

How to Improve Your Hip Flexor Health

After reading the Unlock Your Hip Flexors guide I learnt that the best way to fix your hip flexors is through completing a series of mobility stretching techniques.

Yeah, I know sounds easy right? You may be thinking, ok I’ll Just do a couple of stretches I see online and presto I’ll be back to normal in no time.

Not so fast, if you complete a series of stretches in an incorrect sequence or without proper know how you may be doing more damage than good.

So, with that being said the best way to get results is to perfect your stretch techniques and then implement a weekly mobility/stretch plan.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review guide by Rick Kaselz does exactly that in immense thorough detail. Nothing is left to guesswork, which is refreshing in my opinion.

Squeeze Every Bit Of Value Out of Unlock Hip Flexor Guide

Unlock Your Hip Flexors ReviewOnce I had read the Unlock Your Hip Flexors from start to finish, I put together a weekly plan.

You can chop and change your own plan to suit your own circumstances. Mark on a calendar the series of stretches you are to perform on that said day so you can stay on track. You could even keep a diary to mark your progress. E.g Tuesday 3rd ‘noticed improvement in flexibility’ ‘Pain Reduced’ etc

To give you an insight into program’s guide, I have outlined the main forms of hip flexor stretches you will be completing weekly. Some of them sound technical, but it’s all explained in an easy to follow format in the guide, so don’t be alarmed.  



Fundamentals Of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review Guide

I only purchased the digital copy, so the book outlines some really useful forms of stretching and movement’s.

Not only has it improved my flexibility and yes my hip flexors are back to normal, But I’ve added these stretches to my gym routine. You should too, they are effective and can help to prevent injury.

PNF Stretching

PNF is an abbreviation of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. It is an advanced style stretching that utilises the contraction and stretching of the targeted muscle group.

A word of advice when starting out with PNF stretching, take it slow and very slightly ease into each targeted stretch. Because PNF is so heavily targeted it can put strain on targeted muscle groups. So take it slow and be controlled, you will be just fine.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching is ideal for warming up your core and use general movement as part of the stretching. The opposite to this would be static stretching, where you are still and isolating one movement.

Dynamic Stretching is great for getting your core all warmed up, loose and limber to complete your other targeted stretches such as pnf etc.

I really enjoyed the dynamic stretching aspect of my plan as It almost felt like a workout, something I missed since having sore hip flexors. It’s a great warm up for general exercise too, add it into your gym routine.

Mobility Exercises

The Hip Flexor guide runs you through a range of exercises that target your hip and pelvis area that promote good function and optimum health.

Muscle Activation          

Muscle activation exercises are used at the start of a workout to prepare your body for further stretching or a workout.

& More

The above are the main areas of focus within the Hip Flexor Guide. They are put together in a step by step format to get your body warmed up and ready for stretching.

After the first week of doing my mobility exercises and pnf stretches I could notice a warm sensation around my groin area. This is somewhat embarrassing to talk about, but it felt all tingly but that soon disappeared within a day.

But, soon after that subsided I had increased movement and did notice a decrease in groin pain. Which was awesome by the way, I could get back to the gym in no time.

I followed my plan for 4 weeks and was able to continue back to light workout shortly after. For me it worked very well and I’ve included some of the stretches into my pre workout ritual.

A Bit About The Author – Rick Kaselj

Before I purchase any online material I always do my homework on the Author. I mean, is he even qualified to be talking about Hip Flexors? Does he really know his stuff?

Well, yeah he certainly knows his stuff. A quick google search uncovers that he is one of the leading injury specialists among pro athletes.

I found out that he has been featured on too many tv show’s and magazines to even attempt at naming. So that’s reassuring, the Author knows his stuff. Tick.

My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – My Comments

Each person’s road to recovery is always unique. In my instance, getting my hip flexors back to full health if not better was relatively smooth sailing.

The exercises do however take some practice, so don’t go into this expecting to nail each stretch straight away. After the 4 week period I did feel more agile and felt like I had more energy.

I’m not sure if the energy was due to the program or because I was feeling rejuvenated.

I purchased the digital version, If I had my choice over again I would purchase the hard copy.

It was annoying going to my ipad every time I needed to double check an exercise.

By the way, I didn’t pay full price for the book and you shouldn’t either. Remember back when I mentioned I was flicking through forums and stumbled across the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide?

Yeah? Well the active members were also good enough to share a link to a coupon discount page.

This reduced the product to the same cost as a couple of coffee’s with a money back guarantee. That’s a pretty Small price to pay for good health in my opinion. I went back and found the link and posted below. You’re Welcome.

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