Getting Rid of Possums – Keep Your Property Possum Free

Getting Rid of Possums – Keep Your Property Possum Free

Getting Rid Of Possums can be a rather tricky task if you have no idea what you’re doing. To effectively rid your home or property of unwanted possums you first need to understand their habits. If you have a possum problem in the USA or Australia this article will be relevant.

Getting Rid of Possums – Understanding Their Behaviour

Possums generally lead a fairly docile lifestyle. They tend to feet at night and sleep during the day in their preferred shelter. Possums communicate with one another via that well known freaky screech sound they make at all hours of the night. They become much more vocal and active in breading season to deter any intruding possums near their shelter or nest.

If a possum nest has become vacant for some time and is undefended another possum will usually claim that site as their own. This habit may vary somewhat from breed to breed, but they are all fairly similar.

The majority of possums in australia and america spend around 16% of their time feeding, 44% resting, 10% grooming and 30% travelling.

Getting Rid of Possums & Their Feeding Habits

Possums mainly consume plants and leaves such as eucalyptus, ferns, buds, flowers, nuts and some fruits. Some posum breeds in Australia such as the brush tail can tolerate certain toxins that other breeds cannot. But they still eat the same form of food regardless of their breed.

Possums second preference on the food chain are insects, moths, grubs, snails, birds eggs and babies. Their favourite food source that is well favoured among possums are new plant shoots commonly found in domestic gardens. Yep, all those beautiful new plants that you planted in winter and are now sprouting are ripe for the picking. This is what draws many possus to your property is the nearby food sources and in some cases lack of surrounding shelter. Possums will consume roses, magnolias, mangoes, wattle, wisteria and smash through your veggie patch in no time.

Understanding The Appeal Of Your Property To Possums

This sounds kinda crazy, but you need to think like a possum. Take into account the habits above, food, movement and their nesting habits. First Lets look at what natural fauna you have around your home. Ok lets say you have roses and a veggie patch. Nothing over the top as thousands of homes have exactly the same, but why are they at your place? Well it could be something as simple as the lack of nearby trees or available shelter. If your home has many overhanging eve’s and many areas to nest its the perfect place for a possum to set up shop.

Inspect Your Property For Points Of Entry

Walk around your property and do a thorough inspection for areas where a possum may gain entry. When a possum gains entry into the roof, wall cavity or under the home its a real pain in the neck getting them out. So first, lets stop any more of those darn possums joining the others by sealing potential entry points.

Examples of Entry points can be loose roof tiles, rotting eve’s, broken downpipes, evaporative air conditioners and areas under the home. It can be a big task trying to find nearly every entry point, but if you cover the main areas you are halfway to making your property possum free.

Getting Rid of Possums

These furry possums look so cute, but they cause so much disturbance and damage if left to their own devise.

Using Effective Possum Deterrent

Possum Deterrent can be a real game changer when used correctly. There are a number of different animal deterrents available on the market, such as sensory alarms and surface deterrents. Knowing how to use each deterrent to your scenario is the key to getting rid of possums.

If your property is reasonably sound in terms of possible entry points, then it may be worthwhile using an ultrasonic possum alarm positioned in the right places. We have included some links to effective ultrasonic alarms at the end of this article, but don’t go anywhere. You need to place these alarms in area’s where the possums are likely to congregate, this would likely be near areas rich in food source. So place the device smack band in the middle and you will have a possum free front or backyard in no time.
Using Spray Deterrent
If you have a property that has multiple points of entry that could be excellent nesting places then a spray deterrent is key. Before applying our recommended spray below, be sure to remove any unnecessary food sources to reduce the appeal for possums to call your property home.
Once you have done your best to cover up entry points and remove unwanted food sources its time to start spraying. First you should buy yourself a spray bottle that can cover a fair bit of ground. You are best to purchase one of the solutions listed below such as d-ter or similar, dilute and put into a spray bottle.
When applying ensure you first set a border around the main areas of the property. Then focus the spray on key areas of entry that are a little too hard to seal. Usual sprays last for around 12 weeks, this should be plenty of time to deter possums, but if they are stubborn and continue to return re apply. After a while they will become so irritated by your continuous applying of the possum deterrent spray they will find a new home.
This is such a big money saver when compared to ringing in a ‘professional’ that will essentially do the exact same thing.

Recommended Products:

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Getting Rid of Possums
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Getting Rid Of Possums
Remember to place in an area where possums are likely to congregate near a food source.
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