Rooibos Tea Weight Loss – Guide To Fast Results

rooibos tea weight loss

Rooibos Tea Weight Loss is an effective way to excelled weight loss when you follow the correct procedure.

Rooibos Tea Weight Loss – What is it and How Does It Work?

When I experimented with Losing Weight with Rooibos Tea I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Now you might be thinking, ok great all I have to do is drink this tea and ill lose weight, wrong. But Rooibos tea has some amazing benefits that really compliment the weight loss process that we will explain later.

What is Rooibos Tea?

The Rooibos Loose Tea is harvested from the rooibos plant thats part of the Fabaceae Family located in South Africa. The scientific name is Aspalathus Linearis that’s derived from the plants needle-like leaves and balanced appearance. Rooibos Tea also has another nickname used by the English and locals of South Africa as bush tea.

The dark reddish brown color is produced by the overly oxidized leaves that release their contents once submersed in hot water. The plant does not contain any caffeine which is different in comparison to other teas and has high levels of vitamin c.

The final processed product contains high levels of antioxidants, cinnamic, small amounts of minerals and benzoic acids. The tea produces a very unique fruity and nutty flavor that lasts long after the tea is consumed. R

African Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea has higher levels of antioxidants than green or black tea and no caffeine. High levels of antioxidants are beneficial to your health by assisting the body’s natural detoxification process.

Rooibos Tea has been said to have the ability to reduce your blood pressure by inhibiting your ACE Levels. ACE stands for angiotensin-converting enzyme. ACE indirectly effects blood pressure by causing blood vessels to contract that ultimately restricts blood flow.

Researchers have found via case study that people who drank 5-6 cups of Rooibos Loose Tea had observed lowered LDL levels over a 6 week period. So it also helps to bring your cholesterol levels under control.

Another health benefit is Rooibos tea promotes healthy digestion and can potentially help with managing the effects of Type 2 Diabetes.

Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Explained

So how does Rooibos Tea assist with promoting weight loss? Well there are a number of factors that come into play that assist in fast tracking your results. When consuming consistent amounts of Rooibos Tea it has observed to improve your circulation, digestion, detoxifying process, suppress appetite, improve sleep, reduce sugar levels and has catechins. What the heck are catechins?

Catechins are natural phenols that can help to promote natural heart health and promote weight loss.

When setting your weight loss goals, meal plan and exercise regime rooibos tea should be slotted in at some point in the plan. If you’re like me that easily strays offtrack then set a plan and follow it religiously.

Rooibos tea can promote digestion and can rid your body of fats and toxins. Having healthy digestion promotes a good metabolism that can ultimately turn your body into a fat burning machine if maintained.

When I do a big workout I usually don’t feel like eating immediately, but as you have cooled down and are relaxed I am somewhat prone to undoing my hard work. Instead of eating straight away, have a rooibos tea to help assist with reducing your appetite so you don’t over eat when meal time comes around. This does actually help curb the cravings and keeps you hydrated. Perfect!

After a solid workout and a healthy dinner of lean meat and veg another tea post meal will put you in good stead for a solid night sleep. Having a good nights rest helps your body rejuvenate its energy levels giving you more energy to continue on your weight loss journey.

After a rather stressful day I tend to enjoy a cheat meal, but that’s counter productive. Rooibos Loose Tea can greatly reduce your stress levels and produces a calming feel within the body. Reducing stress in itself can assist in the body’s natural weight loss process and stop those annoying cravings. If you are like me and stress is a trigger to start snacking, then you will notice how much this stuff actually helps.

So combining all of the above adding Rooibos tea into your life and weight loss plan has many benefits that will only fast track your results. But it is important to put together a plan of attack for your weight loss journey and Rooibos Tea. If you are like me, a person that struggles to stay on track it would be worthwhile checking out the weight loss plans of Liz Swann Miller an award winning nutritional author.

One of the main key’s to weight loss success is sticking to a plan. I believe strongly in the old saying ‘if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail’. I agree, where the heck do I start in producing a plan of attack? Well don’t be afraid to seek help and adapt an already proven method to your own weight loss journey.
Elizabeth Swan being a leading nutritionist has dedicated years to her trade and has put together an extremely comprehensive book on utilizing Rooibos Tea for weight loss. It is one of the No.1 Sellers in it’s field and for good reason, the depth and detail of the content cannot be argued.
I purchased a copy myself and I ‘never’ buy digital products, but I tell you what, the detail and precise instruction was seriously impressive.

A Good Place To Start:

I can be a little indecisive at times and struggle to stay focused, so I benefited from having a solid plan. Having a step by step plan removes the guesswork, but where do I get a plan? Im sure as heck not going to be motivated to make one and even if I do, will it be effective enough to work? All valid and real questions that im sure you would have thought of at one stage.

These questions annoyingly produce a feeling of hopelessness that stop you from taking action. I know first hand the effects of making excuses to avoid hitting the task head on, it is detrimental to your life and health. However, after doing a lot of searching on the net and I mean A LOT ive finally found a plan that is worth my efforts.

Introducing ‘The Red Tea Detox’

Rooibos Loose Tea

What Is ‘The Red Tea Detox’?

The ‘Red Tea Detox’ Book is a carefully crafted book that’s designed to effectively provide the tools to shed the pounds quickly and safely. The Red Tea Detox has plans to achieve real life realistic results, not highly inflated weight loss figures designed to rope in the gullible. Always be careful of products that promote unrealistic weight loss results. In saying that, this product is a No.1 Seller within its field. That could not be achievable without providing its customers real and lasting results. That fact alone provides me with some real sense of trust knowing the majority are seeing immense value in the product.

The book is backed by over a decade of research and over 500 Medical Studies and around three years of real-world testing. The book has the results and the science to back up the claims.

Based on more than a decade of research spanning over 500 medical studies as well as almost three years of real-world testing, this program has the results – and the science – to back it up.

Liz Swann Miller the inventor of The Red Tea Detox,  is a multiple best selling author with over 10 years of experience as a practicing Naturopath.

The Book/Plan is Broken Down Into 3 Core Sections:

  • Exercise – A carefully selected form of exercises are put into an easily implement seamlessly into your daily routine. Not only are the exercises realistic and achievable they are strategically designed to complement the Red Tea Detox Diet. When carried out correctly they help to boost metabolism and promote excelled weight loss results.
  • Diet: Setting your own diet can be a darn nightmare if you have no idea what you’re doing. The author a leading naturopath has done all the hard work for you and has put together a fool proof manageable diet.
    The diet outlines in detail the energy-rich foods that you can add to your meal plan to work in harmony with your above exercise regime. Foods that are rich in energy will in turn burn more calories throughout your gym sesh. Let’s feel the burrrn.
  • Positive Mindset: The third section of the book arguably one of the most important covers the topic of willpower, motivation and positive mindset. Developing a positive mindset is one of the most effective ways to evoke change in any aspect of your life. In this instance our core focus of change is weight loss and maintaining a strong and positive mindset is crucial to success. If you have always been prone to the old excuse or self doubt, then this aspect of the book will be a real eye opener. It motivated me and put a real bee in my bonnet to put in 110% in every aspect of the process. This can not only be adapted to weight loss but it can be adapted to so many different areas of everyday life.

If you follow the above 3 main steps as outlined in immense detail and stick to the plan, you will see results. This is a no rubbish solution that can be used by just about anyone that wants to lose that ugly fat. I am personally seeing results with the Rooibos Tea Weight Loss plan and i’ve only been at it for a few weeks. So, give it a go for yourself and take action.

It’s hard to argue with the results. Why not check it out for yourself but don’t buy it at full price. We found a discount coupon code below.

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