Why Men Pull Away Early Stages

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages is a common question among many lovely ladies. It too, was a question I constantly asked myself when I was first dating.

I mean why do men pull away when they like you? You are showing me that you’re keen, but why are you pulling away.

This can really play on your mind and leave you jumping to all the wrong conclusions. My heart felt like it was going to flop out of my chest.

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages – Analyzing The Situation

Before you proceed to jump to all the wrong conclusions, take a step back and ask yourself what may be causing this behavior. So yeah, ‘don’t freak out’.

Keep your instincts at bay and let logic prevail. There is always a logical answer to the sudden aloof behavior.

When I first wondered why he was pulling away when I tried to get close, I automatically thought, ‘oh no, he has lost interest, is it someone else, am I no longer attractive to him’.

They are some really negative, detrimental thoughts that played havoc on my stress levels. My heart would literally feel like falling out of my chest because of these thoughts.

BUT I snapped out of it and asked myself, hang on whats really happening here. Do I smell funny? Nope, freshly groomed and perfume on point. It has to be something else that I’m missing.

Ask yourself, Has he recently communicated any possible issues he is facing?

I asked myself that exact question and without even giving it any real thought, yes he had, but it didn’t seem overly serious to me at the time.

He mentioned the stress he was facing at work due to a current re structuring of his workplace, but the way he explained it appeared to be shrugged off as a ‘no biggy’ and I took it with a grain of salt.

This was probably a mistake on my part, blokes tend to down play their emotions and how a situation is effecting them to maintain their proud or macho persona.

So why men pull away early stages isn’t always a case of oh ‘he doesn’t like me anymore’ or ‘ is it someone else’ no, they can be complex beings, believe it or not.

Never Be Afraid To Ask – In a Caring and Neutral Manner?

If you have logically narrowed down an idea on why he is pulling away, then ask him. Don’t be aggressive with your approach, ask in a more caring manner.

If you start the conversation off with, what is wrong with you? Why are you being so stand offish? It will end in tears every time. Not the best approach.

Instead, ask in a neutral and caring manner you can only get a straight answer. Then once you’ve asked the tricky question dig a little deeper.

Before you know it you are openly talking about the issue at hand and you will know exactly why he has been so standoffish. A majority of the time, the cause will be something in his life is demanding all of his attention.

Which you will learn after having the above convo. When you find that something at work or his immediate family is demanding his time, ask if you can help.

Also, as hard as this may be don’t be afraid to offer him space, he will respect that immensely.

There is nothing worse than being ‘smothered’ by a needy person when dealing with a major issue. Or alternatively, ask if you can help in any way, by taking care of some of his errands for example.

Yes, I know it’s not all about him and it is a two way street, but that’s what a relationship is all about. Helping and supporting each other when going through tough times.

How To Keep Things On Track

Now that you have found out the reason to why men pull away early stages, you can focus on the future. Has he asked you to help in anyway? Then focus on lending a hand and being supportive through the time of struggle.

You should get an idea on when things are likely to calm down, so don’t be afraid to suggest going on fun dates etc as a bit of a ‘break’ from the norm.

Depending on your partner, this could be a movie night, dinner and drinks, watch a live gig together or anything you both enjoy.

Be Selfish When The Time Calls

Sometimes, you need to be selfish in a relationship and look after numero uno. If you have approached the situation in a caring and neutral manner and are still getting nothing, then you can do two things.

Take a step back and learn what works to make yourself happy regardless of being in a relationship. Depending on a relationship for happiness is a dangerous spiral to fall into.

Focus on spoiling yourself and putting out positive vibes to the world and you will be rewarded in spades. Remember, like attracts like.

There is nothing wrong with taking responsibility and learning what works and then putting that into play to create a better relationship for yourself. Your happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything except for your own self.

It’s Your life and it is exactly what you make of it, don’t rely on external factors to make you happy. Being happy within yourself is huge to your long term success in every relationship you cultivate.

Well, that’s me signing out. I hope you have enjoyed my article and can mull things over with your partner to enjoy long term happiness.

I sincerely hope that I have answered enough of your questions and no longer need to search for why men pull away early stages.

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