Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – A Must Read [TRENDING]

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review and what you need to know when considering if it’s right for your personal circumstance.

So for you to land on this page you must be experiencing some form of discomfort that is related to having tight hip flexors.

Having tight hip flexors is not something that is first blamed when experiencing associated symptoms such as, shooting pain, inability to kick, inability to jump, upper leg pain and more.

For me personally, I had issue’s with shedding the last 5kg in my weight loss journey and experienced secondary groin pain.

I automatically put the groin pain down to going a little too hard at the gym.

But, it continued to persist for weeks on end and was stopping my ability to exercise and do my everyday routine. So it was becoming very frustrating and not to mention quite painful.

So that’s when I decided enough was enough and got straight to doing my homework on finding a solution.

After searching many different forums of people experiencing the same and similar symptoms I noticed the ‘Hip Flexor Program’ was thoroughly mentioned by several active members.

So, I continued my Journey to find more information on the program and read many unlock your hip flexors review articles.

Granted they did give some helpful info, but mainly regurgitated from the blurb.

This is where I felt compelled to write my own review after purchasing the product and aim to share with you the findings from my research. Plus I’ll share some handy information along the way.

So, What the heck is a Hip Flexor?

Hip Flexors are Muscles that are located at the top of your femur continuing to the lower back region, hips and groin.

After looking at the muscle’s location in relation to the body its pretty obvious that it’s rather important. It is connected to so multiple main area’s of the body crucial to proper function.

I mean it’s practically smack bang in the middle of the most crucial joints in the body. See Below

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Most of the articles I found mentioned that a healthy hip flexor can Improve and Reduce;

  • Joint & Back Pain
  • Overall Energy Levels
  • Works in synergy to Fight Disease
  • Assist’s with Weight Loss
  • Improved Mobility
  • Increased Fitness
  • Improved Sexual Performance

So, if a healthy hip flexor can improve the above maybe it’s time I start to implement a plan to keep them in good condition.

Identify Strained Hip Flexor Symptoms

Before we proceed any further, do you suffer from the below symptoms? If not, then maybe a strained hip flexor is not the cause of your pain.

Sore or Strained Hip Flexor Symptoms Include:

  • Dull or Sharp Pain/Discomfort in the Pelvis Region.
  • Inability to Kick, Sprint or Jump like normal.
  • Cramps in upper Legs
  • Tenderness in Upper Leg Area
  • Hip Flexor Back Pain
  • Un Explained spasms in the hip or thighs.
  • Bruising around the General Hip area and swelling.
  • Stiffness from being still for too long.
  • Reduced Ability To Move, Sore When moving and limping
  • Reduced Energy Levels and Tight Joints

I was experiencing a couple of the above symptoms, but depending on the severity of the strain you may be able to relate to the majority of the above.

How to Improve Your Hip Flexor Health

After reading the Unlock Your Hip Flexors guide I learnt that the best way to fix your hip flexors is through completing a series of mobility stretching techniques.

Yeah, I know sounds easy right? You may be thinking, ok I’ll Just do a couple of stretches I see online and presto I’ll be back to normal in no time.

Not so fast, if you complete a series of stretches in an incorrect sequence or without proper know how you may be doing more damage than good.

So, with that being said the best way to get results is to perfect your stretch techniques and then implement a weekly mobility/stretch plan.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review guide by Rick Kaselz does exactly that in immense thorough detail. Nothing is left to guesswork, which is refreshing in my opinion.

Squeeze Every Bit Of Value Out of Unlock Hip Flexor Guide

Unlock Your Hip Flexors ReviewOnce I had read the Unlock Your Hip Flexors from start to finish, I put together a weekly plan.

You can chop and change your own plan to suit your own circumstances. Mark on a calendar the series of stretches you are to perform on that said day so you can stay on track. You could even keep a diary to mark your progress. E.g Tuesday 3rd ‘noticed improvement in flexibility’ ‘Pain Reduced’ etc

To give you an insight into program’s guide, I have outlined the main forms of hip flexor stretches you will be completing weekly. Some of them sound technical, but it’s all explained in an easy to follow format in the guide, so don’t be alarmed.  



Fundamentals Of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review Guide

I only purchased the digital copy, so the book outlines some really useful forms of stretching and movement’s.

Not only has it improved my flexibility and yes my hip flexors are back to normal, But I’ve added these stretches to my gym routine. You should too, they are effective and can help to prevent injury.

PNF Stretching

PNF is an abbreviation of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. It is an advanced style stretching that utilises the contraction and stretching of the targeted muscle group.

A word of advice when starting out with PNF stretching, take it slow and very slightly ease into each targeted stretch. Because PNF is so heavily targeted it can put strain on targeted muscle groups. So take it slow and be controlled, you will be just fine.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching is ideal for warming up your core and use general movement as part of the stretching. The opposite to this would be static stretching, where you are still and isolating one movement.

Dynamic Stretching is great for getting your core all warmed up, loose and limber to complete your other targeted stretches such as pnf etc.

I really enjoyed the dynamic stretching aspect of my plan as It almost felt like a workout, something I missed since having sore hip flexors. It’s a great warm up for general exercise too, add it into your gym routine.

Mobility Exercises

The Hip Flexor guide runs you through a range of exercises that target your hip and pelvis area that promote good function and optimum health.

Muscle Activation          

Muscle activation exercises are used at the start of a workout to prepare your body for further stretching or a workout.

& More

The above are the main areas of focus within the Hip Flexor Guide. They are put together in a step by step format to get your body warmed up and ready for stretching.

After the first week of doing my mobility exercises and pnf stretches I could notice a warm sensation around my groin area. This is somewhat embarrassing to talk about, but it felt all tingly but that soon disappeared within a day.

But, soon after that subsided I had increased movement and did notice a decrease in groin pain. Which was awesome by the way, I could get back to the gym in no time.

I followed my plan for 4 weeks and was able to continue back to light workout shortly after. For me it worked very well and I’ve included some of the stretches into my pre workout ritual.

A Bit About The Author – Rick Kaselj

Before I purchase any online material I always do my homework on the Author. I mean, is he even qualified to be talking about Hip Flexors? Does he really know his stuff?

Well, yeah he certainly knows his stuff. A quick google search uncovers that he is one of the leading injury specialists among pro athletes.

I found out that he has been featured on too many tv show’s and magazines to even attempt at naming. So that’s reassuring, the Author knows his stuff. Tick.

My Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – My Comments

Each person’s road to recovery is always unique. In my instance, getting my hip flexors back to full health if not better was relatively smooth sailing.

The exercises do however take some practice, so don’t go into this expecting to nail each stretch straight away. After the 4 week period I did feel more agile and felt like I had more energy.

I’m not sure if the energy was due to the program or because I was feeling rejuvenated.

I purchased the digital version, If I had my choice over again I would purchase the hard copy.

It was annoying going to my ipad every time I needed to double check an exercise.

By the way, I didn’t pay full price for the book and you shouldn’t either. Remember back when I mentioned I was flicking through forums and stumbled across the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide?

Yeah? Well the active members were also good enough to share a link to a coupon discount page.

This reduced the product to the same cost as a couple of coffee’s with a money back guarantee. That’s a pretty Small price to pay for good health in my opinion. I went back and found the link and posted below. You’re Welcome.

Coupon Code Found Here <- Click


Why Men Pull Away Early Stages

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages is a common question among many lovely ladies. It too, was a question I constantly asked myself when I was first dating.

I mean why do men pull away when they like you? You are showing me that you’re keen, but why are you pulling away.

This can really play on your mind and leave you jumping to all the wrong conclusions. My heart felt like it was going to flop out of my chest.

Why Men Pull Away Early Stages – Analyzing The Situation

Before you proceed to jump to all the wrong conclusions, take a step back and ask yourself what may be causing this behavior. So yeah, ‘don’t freak out’.

Keep your instincts at bay and let logic prevail. There is always a logical answer to the sudden aloof behavior.

When I first wondered why he was pulling away when I tried to get close, I automatically thought, ‘oh no, he has lost interest, is it someone else, am I no longer attractive to him’.

They are some really negative, detrimental thoughts that played havoc on my stress levels. My heart would literally feel like falling out of my chest because of these thoughts.

BUT I snapped out of it and asked myself, hang on whats really happening here. Do I smell funny? Nope, freshly groomed and perfume on point. It has to be something else that I’m missing.

Ask yourself, Has he recently communicated any possible issues he is facing?

I asked myself that exact question and without even giving it any real thought, yes he had, but it didn’t seem overly serious to me at the time.

He mentioned the stress he was facing at work due to a current re structuring of his workplace, but the way he explained it appeared to be shrugged off as a ‘no biggy’ and I took it with a grain of salt.

This was probably a mistake on my part, blokes tend to down play their emotions and how a situation is effecting them to maintain their proud or macho persona.

So why men pull away early stages isn’t always a case of oh ‘he doesn’t like me anymore’ or ‘ is it someone else’ no, they can be complex beings, believe it or not.

Never Be Afraid To Ask – In a Caring and Neutral Manner?

If you have logically narrowed down an idea on why he is pulling away, then ask him. Don’t be aggressive with your approach, ask in a more caring manner.

If you start the conversation off with, what is wrong with you? Why are you being so stand offish? It will end in tears every time. Not the best approach.

Instead, ask in a neutral and caring manner you can only get a straight answer. Then once you’ve asked the tricky question dig a little deeper.

Before you know it you are openly talking about the issue at hand and you will know exactly why he has been so standoffish. A majority of the time, the cause will be something in his life is demanding all of his attention.

Which you will learn after having the above convo. When you find that something at work or his immediate family is demanding his time, ask if you can help.

Also, as hard as this may be don’t be afraid to offer him space, he will respect that immensely.

There is nothing worse than being ‘smothered’ by a needy person when dealing with a major issue. Or alternatively, ask if you can help in any way, by taking care of some of his errands for example.

Yes, I know it’s not all about him and it is a two way street, but that’s what a relationship is all about. Helping and supporting each other when going through tough times.

How To Keep Things On Track

Now that you have found out the reason to why men pull away early stages, you can focus on the future. Has he asked you to help in anyway? Then focus on lending a hand and being supportive through the time of struggle.

You should get an idea on when things are likely to calm down, so don’t be afraid to suggest going on fun dates etc as a bit of a ‘break’ from the norm.

Depending on your partner, this could be a movie night, dinner and drinks, watch a live gig together or anything you both enjoy.

Be Selfish When The Time Calls

Sometimes, you need to be selfish in a relationship and look after numero uno. If you have approached the situation in a caring and neutral manner and are still getting nothing, then you can do two things.

Take a step back and learn what works to make yourself happy regardless of being in a relationship. Depending on a relationship for happiness is a dangerous spiral to fall into.

Focus on spoiling yourself and putting out positive vibes to the world and you will be rewarded in spades. Remember, like attracts like.

There is nothing wrong with taking responsibility and learning what works and then putting that into play to create a better relationship for yourself. Your happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything except for your own self.

It’s Your life and it is exactly what you make of it, don’t rely on external factors to make you happy. Being happy within yourself is huge to your long term success in every relationship you cultivate.

Well, that’s me signing out. I hope you have enjoyed my article and can mull things over with your partner to enjoy long term happiness.

I sincerely hope that I have answered enough of your questions and no longer need to search for why men pull away early stages.

OR If you are feeling clueless in the dating game altogether, why not check out a product called The Devotion system.

You can check out the review to the Product Here. I personally recommend the product to help better understand relationships and men in general lol.

It is written by an extremely well known relationship coach and mentor Amy North.

Ok, ill stop talking now. Check out Review of ‘The Devotion System’ <-Click

OR Claim your Free Ebook Below – It has some Juicy Content that you are sure to enjoy! 🙂

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The Devotion System Review – My First Hand Experience

The Devotion System Review

The Devotion System Review, my honest opinion from a real life customer. My name is Sarah, 33 and currently no longer single, woohoo.

I’m guessing you have stumbled across this page because your curious about the Devotion system? I don’t blame you, I was in exactly the same boat and felt compelled to give you my first hand experience with the product.

So without further ado, grab a cup of tea and enjoy my version of The Devotion System Review. 🙂

Before I get into the nitty gritty, ill give you a super quick rundown about who I am.

My name is Sarah, currently a full time nurse living in Sydney, Australia. My hobby is blogging, I do it part time and guest blog on several different websites such as this one here.

I have been in and out of relationships for most of my life and really struggled to keep a steady partner. It really sucked, after a while it makes you feel pretty average and creates immense self doubt.

But I didn’t let my past results shape the future and set out to find relationship advice on the old google machine. I went searching through woman’s forums and dating forums seeking answers on how to hold a steady relationship.

That’s when I stumbled across The Devotion System by Amy North.

I noticed quite a few ladies had mentioned the product in the forums, so I just had to check it out for myself.

I am a conscious online buyer and always seek reviews, at the time there were pretty generic versions of The Devotion System Review that were somewhat light on content.

So after buying the product, experiencing it first hand and actually getting positive result’s I had to give you all my humble opinion and experience with the product.

The Devotion System Review

There are so many online relationship advice websites around but Amy North’s is a little different than the others.

Her book and advice in my opinion go against the grain of everyday, run of the mill advice.

Most relationship councillors tell you the same old thing, communicate, make them feel secure etc etc. Thinking to my myself, Yeah, yeah I’ve heard all of that before but I want more detail.

Well Amy North’s finely crafted Devotion System provides comprehensive advice on how to find, nurture and keep a meaningful, loving relationship.

It even comes with the guarantee that for some reason you’re not happy you can demand a full refund. I don’t know about you but that’s the peace of mind I’m always after when buying online.

What Set’s The Devotion System Apart  

The Devotion System is extremely detailed and comprehensive. My problem, that I soon realized after buying the book was I was looking for the ‘right’ guy in all the ‘wrong’ places.

This made so much sense as to why my relationships never lasted.

The book covers topics such as where to find a man that’s likely to have similar interests. This one tip alone is a huge step forward in fine tuning your approach in the dating game, it really was an eye opener for me personally.

The Devotion System includes advice on pretty much every aspect of meeting a guy, for women. From how to get a guy’s number, to sending the first text message. It even covers how to bring up the Marriage discussion.

I am no where near ready for that just yet, but it’s good to know that Amy has thought to cover that off.

Also, I found it refreshing that the book is suitable for any women, at any stage in their life. If you’re 18 or 50 it doesn’t matter, just start reading and you will see what I mean.

Amy North is a woman’s, woman and calls a spade a spade so no sugar coating here. I personally respect people who tell it like it is, to me that’s honesty.

Why beat around the bush when you can get straight to the point, Amy does that well.

The book is categorized into 3 main sections, the first section is dedicated to the importance of self love.

It explains how to brush off any long lasting hang-ups and unhealthy behaviors your harboring to put you in good stead to find true love. Personally, I like that approach because you need to be the best version of yourself.

You need to be totally confident, secure and love yourself before anyone else can.

Amy covers in great depth on how you can be hung up on previous “relationship hangovers” and its effects. The advice in this topic alone was a huge eye opener, it really hit home and allowed me to self adjust my way of thinking.

I used to always judge myself based on my last relationship, which had fizzled. So that left me in a real crappy circle of negative thinking and ultimately lead to the same result, me being single.

But after Amy pretty much hit the nail on the head, I have since changed my way of thinking. Ladies, never ever under estimate the power of positive thinking, that stuff is the real deal and can produce amazing results.

But you need to be consistent, I had to re-read the content as I fell into the old way of thinking. That is my advice when utilizing the content, keep it fresh in your mind and stay on track.

Part 2 covered the topic of understanding men, I mean can we ever really understand men? Lol. Amy has come pretty close by thoroughly analyzing their human behaviors extremely thoroughly.

She then proceeds to explain it in layman’s terms, so everyday women like you and me can make sense of it all.

In part 3 Amy covers how to naturally progress your relationship into love and commitment. This is something that I have struggled to foster in my past relationships. I now know why and it’s a little embarrassing to admit. ‘

The reason I was failing in a lasting relationship, was because I was flat out meeting guys in the wrong places.

I was Expecting those guys to turn out to be long lasting partners, when really we were polar opposites. It all comes down to where you meet men, for example at a café with free wifi while blogging (hint: that’s where I met my new partner – also a blogger).

The key is, you want to meet someone at a place that you both enjoy. The reason is, drum-roll please, you automatically know you have similar interests.

So simple hey? But its effective and is a great place to start things on the right foot.

Why Should We Listen To Amy North?

This is one of the main questions that I had in the back of my mind before I purchased her book.

Who is this Lady and why is she qualified on the topic? Well it turns out after a little research that Amy north is an extremely well respected Dating coach with positive reviews a mile long.

She has been able to get an incredible insight from the men she works with, now that is some real juicy insider knowledge right there.

Some of her clients who are male talk about their fears, insecurities and deeply rooted true sexual and intimacy related desires.

That in itself is hugely useful for understanding how men tick. Having Amy share her findings in a strategic and documented manner via her book has been not only interesting but incredibly helpful.

Amy has carefully documented different ‘types’ of men and explains what each different type truly desires.

Incredibly Good Stuff! Seriously. Amy then takes all that one step further and explains how to effectively communicate, text and read each different type of male.

This will turn you into a man eater, lol you will have your men on toast ladies. Isn’t it time we took control of our love life and not the other way around? Well Amy’s book has allowed me to do just that.

What I Don’t Like!

As part of my version of The Devotion System Review I just had to mention one of my biggest pet peeves about this product.

That pet peeve is that you cannot purchase a physical version of the product. Currently it is only available online in the e-book format. If you’re like me, somewhat oldschool then it’s a tad annoying.

I started reading it on my laptop but quickly got over that Idea and printed a hard copy. On the flip side, you do get immediate access to its content after purchase so that’s always good.

Nothing worse than buying something online and waiting for the product to arrive.

The Devotion System Review – My Summary:

The book and content comes from a women who really knows her stuff, that cannot be argued. She covers literally every step in meeting your ideal man, to keeping him interested, migrating into love and marriage.

I’m not going to go into this too much more but this book has been a real eye opener for me personally. Hence why I felt excited and compelled to write my version of The Devotion System Review.

I almost forgot to mention, the book also comes with customer support and when you buy the book using the below coupon I managed to find on the dating forum you get extra bonus content and save 50% off.

The bonus content is a 13 part video training series (that I haven’t watched yet) and 3 bonus ebooks.

When I used the coupon, the discount was automatically applied to my shopping cart. So you just click and make the purchase at the discounted price & the bonus content is included.

I found that Rather Convenient! You can thank the Ladies in the dating forum for that one!

I’ve put a link to the coupon I used below, or you can click here. Up To You.

The Devotion System Coupon – Bonus Content & Discount

Thanks for Reading my version of The Devotion System Review.




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Getting Rid of Possums – Keep Your Property Possum Free

Getting Rid of Possums

Getting Rid Of Possums can be a rather tricky task if you have no idea what you’re doing. To effectively rid your home or property of unwanted possums you first need to understand their habits. If you have a possum problem in the USA or Australia this article will be relevant.

Getting Rid of Possums – Understanding Their Behaviour

Possums generally lead a fairly docile lifestyle. They tend to feet at night and sleep during the day in their preferred shelter. Possums communicate with one another via that well known freaky screech sound they make at all hours of the night. They become much more vocal and active in breading season to deter any intruding possums near their shelter or nest.

If a possum nest has become vacant for some time and is undefended another possum will usually claim that site as their own. This habit may vary somewhat from breed to breed, but they are all fairly similar.

The majority of possums in australia and america spend around 16% of their time feeding, 44% resting, 10% grooming and 30% travelling.

Getting Rid of Possums & Their Feeding Habits

Possums mainly consume plants and leaves such as eucalyptus, ferns, buds, flowers, nuts and some fruits. Some posum breeds in Australia such as the brush tail can tolerate certain toxins that other breeds cannot. But they still eat the same form of food regardless of their breed.

Possums second preference on the food chain are insects, moths, grubs, snails, birds eggs and babies. Their favourite food source that is well favoured among possums are new plant shoots commonly found in domestic gardens. Yep, all those beautiful new plants that you planted in winter and are now sprouting are ripe for the picking. This is what draws many possus to your property is the nearby food sources and in some cases lack of surrounding shelter. Possums will consume roses, magnolias, mangoes, wattle, wisteria and smash through your veggie patch in no time.

Understanding The Appeal Of Your Property To Possums

This sounds kinda crazy, but you need to think like a possum. Take into account the habits above, food, movement and their nesting habits. First Lets look at what natural fauna you have around your home. Ok lets say you have roses and a veggie patch. Nothing over the top as thousands of homes have exactly the same, but why are they at your place? Well it could be something as simple as the lack of nearby trees or available shelter. If your home has many overhanging eve’s and many areas to nest its the perfect place for a possum to set up shop.

Inspect Your Property For Points Of Entry

Walk around your property and do a thorough inspection for areas where a possum may gain entry. When a possum gains entry into the roof, wall cavity or under the home its a real pain in the neck getting them out. So first, lets stop any more of those darn possums joining the others by sealing potential entry points.

Examples of Entry points can be loose roof tiles, rotting eve’s, broken downpipes, evaporative air conditioners and areas under the home. It can be a big task trying to find nearly every entry point, but if you cover the main areas you are halfway to making your property possum free.

Getting Rid of Possums

These furry possums look so cute, but they cause so much disturbance and damage if left to their own devise.

Using Effective Possum Deterrent

Possum Deterrent can be a real game changer when used correctly. There are a number of different animal deterrents available on the market, such as sensory alarms and surface deterrents. Knowing how to use each deterrent to your scenario is the key to getting rid of possums.

If your property is reasonably sound in terms of possible entry points, then it may be worthwhile using an ultrasonic possum alarm positioned in the right places. We have included some links to effective ultrasonic alarms at the end of this article, but don’t go anywhere. You need to place these alarms in area’s where the possums are likely to congregate, this would likely be near areas rich in food source. So place the device smack band in the middle and you will have a possum free front or backyard in no time.
Using Spray Deterrent
If you have a property that has multiple points of entry that could be excellent nesting places then a spray deterrent is key. Before applying our recommended spray below, be sure to remove any unnecessary food sources to reduce the appeal for possums to call your property home.
Once you have done your best to cover up entry points and remove unwanted food sources its time to start spraying. First you should buy yourself a spray bottle that can cover a fair bit of ground. You are best to purchase one of the solutions listed below such as d-ter or similar, dilute and put into a spray bottle.
When applying ensure you first set a border around the main areas of the property. Then focus the spray on key areas of entry that are a little too hard to seal. Usual sprays last for around 12 weeks, this should be plenty of time to deter possums, but if they are stubborn and continue to return re apply. After a while they will become so irritated by your continuous applying of the possum deterrent spray they will find a new home.
This is such a big money saver when compared to ringing in a ‘professional’ that will essentially do the exact same thing.

Recommended Products:

Highly Effective – D-Ter Surface Spray – Dilute & Apply.
Getting Rid of Possums
Click Image or D-Ter Surface Spray
No 1. – Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent
Getting Rid Of Possums
Remember to place in an area where possums are likely to congregate near a food source.
Click Image To Get one or find them here: Award Winning Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent

Stopping Cats Peeing – Toilet Training That Works

Stopping Cats Peeing

Stopping cats peeing can be an a real struggle if you don’t know what you’re doing. Not only is having your cat pee in the wrong place grose, it has an incredible pungeont smell. A distinct smell that can last for weeks if not correctly cleaned and treated.

Stopping Cats Peeing

The first place to start is to understand why your cat is peeing in the home in the first place. Make sure you differentiate between markings and peeing. Sometimes cat will lightly spray around the home as form of marking their territory. If your cat is urine marking that needs to be addressed in a specific way. On the other hand if your cat is peeing around the litterbox or nearby it could be an indicator you need to change the litter.

I have a tabby cat that I rescued from the pound that had started peeing on clothes and the bed. This was not only bloody grose and smelly it was starting to cost me money in cleaning agents etc. Usually changing the litter tray box size and fresh litter fixes the issue majority of the time. This was not the case with my stubborn little ‘buddy’.

Stopping Cats Peeing

I had to get on top of this problem pretty quickly as it was really starting to get out of hand. Not only is cat urine bloody smelly it’s incredibly hard to remove. Cat urine, so ive found out is crystalline once dried so traditional cleaning methods are not as effective. If your cat cat happens to pee on the carpet, you will have one heck of a task ahead cleaning. Luckily my Buddy has not peed on the carpet so far, but I may have just jinxed myself.

Possible Factors For Cat Spraying:

There are a couple of factors that could be causing your cat to be marking or peeing around the home.

Do you only live with one cat or do you own two? If you have two cats you they may be constantly trying to mark each others territory to establish dominance. Or they could also be fighting over litter space real estate. Ensure that you keep the litter box in ship shape order. This alone doesn’t always work, you may think it has made a difference then a week later you see a lovely surprise left in the middle of the hallway.

You should also be mindful that sudden peeing is not always one of the above, it could be an indicator that your Cat needs an urgent visit to the vet. Health risks associated with sudden peeing can be Urinary tract infections, kidney problems or bacterial infections. So always be vigilant when inspecting the urine.

Stopping Cats Peeing by Training

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, there is no way you can train a cat. Well that’s where you’re wrong, cats can certainly be trained and respond well to smell sensory training. Making certain herbal mixes you can make at home can literally switch off your cats peeing cycle. Sounds bizarre, but its true and it works.

There are also certain tricks that you can implement that will lure the cat into the litterbox and entice them to do their business in that area alone. When training a cat to do tricks they will learn on their own time and when there is a treat involved, just like dogs. However, when training a cat to do its business in the right places needs a strategic set of techniques implemented daily. Most of my knowledge on this topic is owed to a book I purchased online. The book literally saved me from going insane from dealing with all the cat pee in the wrong places.

Introducing… Cat Spraying No More, By Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards the Author, in my opinion should be renamed the cat whisper. Sarah is a Veterinarian at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA. That sentence was quite the mouthful, but it shows that she certainly knows her stuff. The book covers topics and factors I would have never thought would be contributing factors to a cats toilet habits.

Sarah Explains in Insane Detail the Following:

  • Why Your Cat Is Peeing in The Wrong Places
  • Proven Ways to ensure your cat uses the litter box
  • Herbal Spray Mix to Use as a Repellant that you can make at home
  • How to use own cats instincts to stop them peeing in the wrong place
  • Identifying Cat Stress and how to create calm environment
  • No 1 Rule to follow every owner MUST follow when setting up litter box.
  • How Not To Deal with the problem.

I can personally vouch for the tactics in the book. My little tabby called buddy only pees in the litter tray and has been doing so for the past 5 months. I have been able to get the place smelling clean and fresh again and dont have to throw out any more clothes. Ive also saved an arm and a leg on cleaning materials.

Rid your home of that awful smelling cat urine and check out the book for yourself.

Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself – www.catsprayingnomore.com


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Rooibos Tea Weight Loss – Guide To Fast Results

rooibos tea weight loss

Rooibos Tea Weight Loss is an effective way to excelled weight loss when you follow the correct procedure.

Rooibos Tea Weight Loss – What is it and How Does It Work?

When I experimented with Losing Weight with Rooibos Tea I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Now you might be thinking, ok great all I have to do is drink this tea and ill lose weight, wrong. But Rooibos tea has some amazing benefits that really compliment the weight loss process that we will explain later.

What is Rooibos Tea?

The Rooibos Loose Tea is harvested from the rooibos plant thats part of the Fabaceae Family located in South Africa. The scientific name is Aspalathus Linearis that’s derived from the plants needle-like leaves and balanced appearance. Rooibos Tea also has another nickname used by the English and locals of South Africa as bush tea.

The dark reddish brown color is produced by the overly oxidized leaves that release their contents once submersed in hot water. The plant does not contain any caffeine which is different in comparison to other teas and has high levels of vitamin c.

The final processed product contains high levels of antioxidants, cinnamic, small amounts of minerals and benzoic acids. The tea produces a very unique fruity and nutty flavor that lasts long after the tea is consumed. R

African Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea has higher levels of antioxidants than green or black tea and no caffeine. High levels of antioxidants are beneficial to your health by assisting the body’s natural detoxification process.

Rooibos Tea has been said to have the ability to reduce your blood pressure by inhibiting your ACE Levels. ACE stands for angiotensin-converting enzyme. ACE indirectly effects blood pressure by causing blood vessels to contract that ultimately restricts blood flow.

Researchers have found via case study that people who drank 5-6 cups of Rooibos Loose Tea had observed lowered LDL levels over a 6 week period. So it also helps to bring your cholesterol levels under control.

Another health benefit is Rooibos tea promotes healthy digestion and can potentially help with managing the effects of Type 2 Diabetes.

Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Explained

So how does Rooibos Tea assist with promoting weight loss? Well there are a number of factors that come into play that assist in fast tracking your results. When consuming consistent amounts of Rooibos Tea it has observed to improve your circulation, digestion, detoxifying process, suppress appetite, improve sleep, reduce sugar levels and has catechins. What the heck are catechins?

Catechins are natural phenols that can help to promote natural heart health and promote weight loss.

When setting your weight loss goals, meal plan and exercise regime rooibos tea should be slotted in at some point in the plan. If you’re like me that easily strays offtrack then set a plan and follow it religiously.

Rooibos tea can promote digestion and can rid your body of fats and toxins. Having healthy digestion promotes a good metabolism that can ultimately turn your body into a fat burning machine if maintained.

When I do a big workout I usually don’t feel like eating immediately, but as you have cooled down and are relaxed I am somewhat prone to undoing my hard work. Instead of eating straight away, have a rooibos tea to help assist with reducing your appetite so you don’t over eat when meal time comes around. This does actually help curb the cravings and keeps you hydrated. Perfect!

After a solid workout and a healthy dinner of lean meat and veg another tea post meal will put you in good stead for a solid night sleep. Having a good nights rest helps your body rejuvenate its energy levels giving you more energy to continue on your weight loss journey.

After a rather stressful day I tend to enjoy a cheat meal, but that’s counter productive. Rooibos Loose Tea can greatly reduce your stress levels and produces a calming feel within the body. Reducing stress in itself can assist in the body’s natural weight loss process and stop those annoying cravings. If you are like me and stress is a trigger to start snacking, then you will notice how much this stuff actually helps.

So combining all of the above adding Rooibos tea into your life and weight loss plan has many benefits that will only fast track your results. But it is important to put together a plan of attack for your weight loss journey and Rooibos Tea. If you are like me, a person that struggles to stay on track it would be worthwhile checking out the weight loss plans of Liz Swann Miller an award winning nutritional author.

One of the main key’s to weight loss success is sticking to a plan. I believe strongly in the old saying ‘if you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail’. I agree, where the heck do I start in producing a plan of attack? Well don’t be afraid to seek help and adapt an already proven method to your own weight loss journey.
Elizabeth Swan being a leading nutritionist has dedicated years to her trade and has put together an extremely comprehensive book on utilizing Rooibos Tea for weight loss. It is one of the No.1 Sellers in it’s field and for good reason, the depth and detail of the content cannot be argued.
I purchased a copy myself and I ‘never’ buy digital products, but I tell you what, the detail and precise instruction was seriously impressive.

A Good Place To Start:

I can be a little indecisive at times and struggle to stay focused, so I benefited from having a solid plan. Having a step by step plan removes the guesswork, but where do I get a plan? Im sure as heck not going to be motivated to make one and even if I do, will it be effective enough to work? All valid and real questions that im sure you would have thought of at one stage.

These questions annoyingly produce a feeling of hopelessness that stop you from taking action. I know first hand the effects of making excuses to avoid hitting the task head on, it is detrimental to your life and health. However, after doing a lot of searching on the net and I mean A LOT ive finally found a plan that is worth my efforts.

Introducing ‘The Red Tea Detox’

Rooibos Loose Tea

What Is ‘The Red Tea Detox’?

The ‘Red Tea Detox’ Book is a carefully crafted book that’s designed to effectively provide the tools to shed the pounds quickly and safely. The Red Tea Detox has plans to achieve real life realistic results, not highly inflated weight loss figures designed to rope in the gullible. Always be careful of products that promote unrealistic weight loss results. In saying that, this product is a No.1 Seller within its field. That could not be achievable without providing its customers real and lasting results. That fact alone provides me with some real sense of trust knowing the majority are seeing immense value in the product.

The book is backed by over a decade of research and over 500 Medical Studies and around three years of real-world testing. The book has the results and the science to back up the claims.

Based on more than a decade of research spanning over 500 medical studies as well as almost three years of real-world testing, this program has the results – and the science – to back it up.

Liz Swann Miller the inventor of The Red Tea Detox,  is a multiple best selling author with over 10 years of experience as a practicing Naturopath.

The Book/Plan is Broken Down Into 3 Core Sections:

  • Exercise – A carefully selected form of exercises are put into an easily implement seamlessly into your daily routine. Not only are the exercises realistic and achievable they are strategically designed to complement the Red Tea Detox Diet. When carried out correctly they help to boost metabolism and promote excelled weight loss results.
  • Diet: Setting your own diet can be a darn nightmare if you have no idea what you’re doing. The author a leading naturopath has done all the hard work for you and has put together a fool proof manageable diet.
    The diet outlines in detail the energy-rich foods that you can add to your meal plan to work in harmony with your above exercise regime. Foods that are rich in energy will in turn burn more calories throughout your gym sesh. Let’s feel the burrrn.
  • Positive Mindset: The third section of the book arguably one of the most important covers the topic of willpower, motivation and positive mindset. Developing a positive mindset is one of the most effective ways to evoke change in any aspect of your life. In this instance our core focus of change is weight loss and maintaining a strong and positive mindset is crucial to success. If you have always been prone to the old excuse or self doubt, then this aspect of the book will be a real eye opener. It motivated me and put a real bee in my bonnet to put in 110% in every aspect of the process. This can not only be adapted to weight loss but it can be adapted to so many different areas of everyday life.

If you follow the above 3 main steps as outlined in immense detail and stick to the plan, you will see results. This is a no rubbish solution that can be used by just about anyone that wants to lose that ugly fat. I am personally seeing results with the Rooibos Tea Weight Loss plan and i’ve only been at it for a few weeks. So, give it a go for yourself and take action.

It’s hard to argue with the results. Why not check it out for yourself but don’t buy it at full price. We found a discount coupon code below.

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Logo Design Wodonga and Australia Wide For $5 – Learn How

Logo Design Wodonga or in general does not have to cost you an absolute bomb. When starting a small business its important to keep your startup costs to a minimum. We are going to show you exactly how to get a range of digital services at a fraction of the price. Thank us later.

Logo Design Wodonga & Australia Wide for $5

When you first read the heading it sounds too good to be true and you will be somewhat skeptical. But before you jump to conclusions and dismiss the idea, read on and make your own call.

Being around small business for the best part of my life, I understand the importance or keeping costs to a minimal when you’re first starting out. When you’re first starting out, you will usually need to get your branding organised. As a minimum this will be logo design, business card design and basic website. If you are not technically savvy those services can cost a bomb to a small business. BUT there is a solution that wont cost the earth that is regulated and reliable.

How Can I Get A Logo for $5?

By using an increasingly popular website called Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website that is home to thousands upon thousands of digital entrepreneurs selling their servives through the online marketplace.

Fiverr Offer’s Services Such As:

  • Website Design, Starting at $70
  • Logo Design, Starting at $5
  • 24Hr Turnaround Business Card Design, Starting at $14
  • Flyer & Brochure Designs, Starting at $
  • & LOAD’s More.

The below image are a series of logo’s produced for $5 on the Fiverr to give you an idea of the quality.

logo design wodonga

How Does Fiverr Work?

Step 1. First you will need to sign up – Fiverr to the website by providing your name, email address and password.

Step 2. Once you have signed up, start browsing all of the available services. Each seller has several packages available and stacks of reviews from real buyers. Each seller includes examples of their work for your viewing.

Step 3. Once you have found a seller/service you would like to order, follow the process of ordering through the easy to navigate website. Payment can be done via Paypal.

Step 4. Include detailed instructions to the seller and if possible other examples of work to give them an idea of what you require. The seller will usually offer ENDLESS revisions until you are satisfied. This in itself is what makes the website extremely appealing.

The Positives:

  • Quality Services at A Fraction of The Price.
  • You can see previous examples of their work.
  • You are able to see reviews of the seller from real buyers.
  • Endless revisions can be provided until you’re satisfied with the end result.
  • Fast turnaround options available. 24Hr.
  • Huge Range of Digital Services
  • Refunds Readily Available
  • Regulated by Fiverr Customer Service Staff
  • Great Pricing

The Negatives:

  • Sometimes a seller may take a day or two longer to deliver.
  • Different Timezones can make communication take a little longer than usual.

Still not convinced? Why not sign up and search the website for yourself and make your own conclusion. There really is no way you can go wrong, they have all bases covered.

Get Started: fiverr.com

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to build and sell

We explain some of the Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell from the comfort of your own home. Before you go racing into this venture all gun ho, there are a few things that you need to address.

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects To Build and Sell –

Starting your own small business can be an extremely rewarding experience if done correctly. The feeling of being your own boss and selling something you have created gives you an amazing buzz. There are 4 main aspects to consider when identifying, manufacturing and selling wood projects that make money.

Products To Sell: Things To Consider

  • Setting Budget
    When identifying products to manufacture it’s important to first set a starting budget. How much do you plan on spending on materials, tools and advertising to get started? I suggest starting with smaller items to minimise capital outlay and risk. Smaller items such as jewelry boxes, chairs and bed side tables are items that are a good size for handling and shipping that wont break the bank.
  • Finding A Supplier
    When you first start out building wood projects that sell at home, a wood supplier is not overly crucial. But as your business grows and you will have an increased demand for larger quantities. Setting up a trade account with a local supplier will ensure you are getting the best prices that will improve your profit margins.
  • Cater To Your Skill Level
    If you are experienced or a newby it is important to only make products that are within your skill level. If you try and tackle a rather complex design you may risk wasting materials and producing a poor quality end result that customers wont be interested in purchasing. As your skill set improves you can make more complex products to further grow your product range.

Maintaining Quality

Maintaining the quality of your products will be fundamental to the long term success of your small business. If you have inconsistent quality you will find it hard to generate any repeat customers. If you manage to get some of your products into a retail outlet those clients will expect consistent quality.

  • Develop A Quality Checklist
    The best way to maintain quality is by creating a checklist that can be completed upon final completion. The checklist could include things such as: are all edges square, does the product sit level, are all surfaces smooth, is the stain or finish even, are the joins all mm perfect etc. Sticking to a checklist is a great way to keep your quality on par and will even make you take extra care in each step of the manufacturing process.
  • Get A Second Opinion
    A second pair of eyes can sometimes notice something you may have missed. It is not crucial but a good habit to get into if you have someone willing to help the cause.

Build From A Plan

Wood Projects That Sell


Why You Should Build From A Plan:

If you are reasonably new to the woodworking arena its important you build from a plan. Building from a plan will ensure consistency and give you all the detail required and will improve build times. If you are more experienced and have your own plans, then thats great but you can always extend your product range buy purchasing other plans. Purchasing plans is also a great time saver as the design work, dimensions and methods are all explained, leaving nothing to guess work. There are literally thousands of plans available for download on the net.

To get started Check Out These 50 Free Designs 50 Free Designs

OR You could invest some money and purchase an online book called Teds Woodworking. Ted’s woodworking has over 16,000 woodworking plans available with detailed instructions and materials list.

Ted’s Woodworking PDFS

How To Sell Your Finished Product

  • Plan To Market
    After you have produced a product that has passed your quality check with flying colors, it needs to be sold. So where do you Start? Well there are a number of different approaches that can work if executed correctly. When putting together a plan, you will need to set your pricing and brainstorm a point of difference. Having a point of difference will allow you to set yourself apart from your competitors. Your point of difference could be that you only use recycled organic timber with eco friendly food grade stains etc. No matter what the difference is, make sure to have it evident on your marketing materials.Once you have established your price point and point of difference give some thought to who would purchase your product? e.g middle aged new home buyers, the budget conscious or high affluence consumers. If your woodwork product is situated in the middle of the road that opens op a few different opportunities. If you are targeting high end customers then you need to determine where they shop. Then approach that retail outlet with your range and see if you can set them up as a reseller. If you are targeting the middle of the road then the below traditional methods will work just fine.
  • Local Markets

    Local Markets can be a great way to put your new products on display and generate immediate sales. Things like chairs and tables usually need to be visually inspected by potential customers. Therefore having them on display at a local market with passing traffic is perfect. You also get the opportunity to chat directly with the customer and mention the materials, sealers and points of difference in your range.You can even provide a delivering service for a small fee once you sell the product to add value to the sale. Local Markets are also a great way to determine the local demand for certain items. What we mean is passing customers will see your range and soetimes ask if you sell a certain item thats currently not on display. This is a great indicator of an item you should consider making and selling. Knowing the Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell is one of the hardest parts to this exercise.
  • Online Classifieds
    After attending a market you should have a good idea on wood projects that make money. Now that you have a core number of products that you are consistently selling its time to branch out and sell via online classifieds. Simply google online classifieds followed by your suburb and your relevant online classified will be top 3. Online classifieds such as craigslist, gumtree and buy/swap/sell are very effective. When selling your product via online classifieds always make sure you have a detailed description and high quality images. Having great pictures will entice your potential clients to click on your advertisement and book a time to view the product.
  • Sell On Ebay
    Ebay is one of the biggest online stores in the world that allow thousands of merchants sell their products online. You will be charged by ebay for the privelidge of selling on their marketplace, which is fairly minimal. When selling on ebayits crucial to have high quality images and detailed descriptions. Set your price point and clearly market your point of difference. Be very careful when calculating your shipping costs, if you get the rate rong and it costs you more than anticipated that eats into your margin. Not ideal. Always provide excellent customer service and answer questions in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Facebook Marketplace
    Selling on Facebook Marketplace is Free and can be very effective. You can target localised potential clients and reach your target audience. Again its very important to have great images.

We hope you have found something of use in our Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell article.

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